By February 1, 2018 October 4th, 2022 4FC

At 4th Floor Creative, we remain focused on producing high quality content for our clients. Simultaneously, pinpointing opportunities for growth is equally imperative toward our success. The calendar has flipped to 2018 and we thought it’s time to reflect on 2017 & look ahead to the future. Welcome back to the 4th Floor Blog!



We believe details help set the bar for our high expectations. In 2017, 4th Floor pushed that bar even higher via new client acquisitions that demanded our presence all over the United States. We fabricated innovative productions to tell our clients’ stories, not only thrusting them into the spotlight, but also writing our own story along the way.

Most importantly, we enjoyed memorable moments together and met some incredible people in 2017 whom we can’t wait to work with again. Without further ado, allow us to share with you some of our 2017 highlights!


Every production and every partnership is going to present a new challenge for us, and in the process memories will be made. 4th Floor Creative kicked off 2017 with a bang! Our Chief of Video Creative, Shane Harrison, and our Director of Video Creative, Marc Graham, brought home an Emmy Award for their work on the 2016 FC Cincinnati highlight video. The Emmy is proof that our video solutions meet and exceed our clients’ standards and now we have the hardware to back that up. Congratulations to Shane and Marc! That’s what it’s all about!

Marc, Shane, and our Production Assistant, Cameron Marshall, all pointed to the continuous growth of 4th Floor Creative as the primary reason the company flourished in 2017. Said Marc, “I think this year we learned a lot about ourselves, about each other, and how we all want to dominate 2018 even more.”

Shane had another perspective on 2017, referencing how 4th Floor tried new things this past year and walks with a certain swagger now. “We really planted both feet on the ground,” Shane said.




In addition to our existing clientele, 4th Floor Creative is pleased to have partnered up with the Western & Southern Open, the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, the Georgia Bulldogs and the West Coast Conference in 2017, among others.


Any avenue – any handshake – can open the door to a new opportunity. From the East coast to the West coast, 4th Floor Creative had the privilege of traveling all across the U.S. for work in 2017. We made stops in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Milwaukee and Dallas, just to name a few. Thank you to all our partners and we look forward to where 2018 might take us!


We had a blast on all of our productions in 2017, but when it comes to some of our favorites, it’s a pleasure to reminisce on the times at home in Cincinnati, Ohio. For Cameron, gathering footage of FC Cincinnati sticks out as his favorite shoot of the year. Cameron pointed to “the combined effort and creativity” as to why the FCC shoot was so special to him.

Marc was a bit more ambiguous on his favorite shoot of 2017, but leaned toward the work 4th Floor Creative did with the Xavier University men’s and women’s basketball programs. Shane concurred with Marc’s assessment.

Here’s how Marc described the Xavier production: “We wanted it to be an in your face intro video with excitement right off the bat. It made for a very different, yet fun, intro video that wasn’t the norm for collegiate athletics.”


For much of the 4th Floor Creative staff, it’s difficult to look back on such an outstanding year and choose one moment that really stood out. Our partnership with FC Cincinnati is quite meaningful to us, and Cameron recognizes his first match shooting the Orange and Blue as his Moment of the Year. “I had never been to an FCC game before so I really didn’t know what to expect. The energy in Nippert Stadium was unbelievable and that made me become an instant FCC fan!”

Marc and Shane were again on the same page, agreeing that their Moment of the Year was the 2017 Ohio Valley Emmy Awards, and for good reason. Shane joked, “The Emmy win was really special… I totally dropped the ball on the acceptance speech.”

“It was an honor and achievement alone just to be nominated for (an Emmy). I’ve had an Emmy as the background of my phone for years now, because I use it as a reminder. If you look at something long enough, you will envision yourself achieving that goal one day,” Marc said.