4th Floor Friday Favorites: Favorite Places Visited

By September 25, 2015 October 4th, 2022 4FC

Time for another round of 4th Floor Friday Favorites.  We travel.  A lot.  Sometimes even for vacation.  Often for work.  Brett has been lucky enough to travel the world for work.  Shane and I have traveled all over the United States for work.  So I figured this was a good topic.  Yet, one of us could only come up with two favorite places.  Without further delay…

3 Favorite Places Visited:

Tommy G –

  1. Aruba

  2. Prague, Czech Republic

  3.  St. John’s (USVI, not the Big East School in Queens)

Shane –

  1. Redwood National Forest

  2. Fenway Park

Brett –

  1. Switzerland

  2. Hawaii

  3. Spain

Editor’s Note: Interesting to see how this question was interpreted differently.  Shane picked exact locations within a city.  Brett went countries.  I went with where I can get away.